Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sally's Salon

Think hair-dressing meets Diner Dash...

There have been quite a few of the click-management games of late and Sally's Salon is one of the better ones.

In this game you control sally as she shampoos, cuts, dries, dyes and plucks in her hair salon. There were quite a few cool features, such as cycling through different haircut styles or dye colors for each of your clients, and the ability to purchase a new upgrade for your shop (like someone to do all the shampooing for you or magazines for your waiting customers).

Some of the more recent Diner Dash games (Flo on the Go I'm looking at you!) have been a bit more complicated than fun. Sally's Salon gets back to what made the original Diner Dash a blast to play and does it with even more fun and variety. Worth checking out!

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