Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ricochet Infinity

I figured I'd start with a great game, and Ricochet Infinity is a great game!

For fans of breakout/arkanoid games, Ricochet should be a familiar title. The original game, Ricochet Xtreme is one of the games that first got me into downloadable games. I was a big fan of DX-Ball2, and Ricochet Xtreme took many of the same ideas to the next level.

Ricochet Infinity does the same thing, taking the tried and true brick-busting approach and turns it up a notch with a slew of new powerful power-ups, the ability to control the ball and in-game level downloads, which make for near infinite replayability.

The ball control is called 'recall' and works as if you had a tether connected to the ball that you can yank back on to get the ball right back to you, or pull gently on to change the direction that the ball is traveling. The ability to modify where the ball is going changes the way the game is played, making it more fun and engaging. Of course the new power-ups like the nuclear beam and ball explosion are kind of fun too ;). Ricochet Infinity was a fun time waster that kept me wanting to play way beyond the end of the 60 minute trial!

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