Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chromadrome 2

Get your mouse ready for a real race!

Chromadrome 2 is NOT your average game. Though it bears some similarities to Snail Mail, Chromadrome is bigger, better and faster! In fact few games are as fast as Chromadrome 2. While that may seem a double-edged sword, the truth is, Chromadrome only gets more exciting the faster it goes.

You play as a golden ball as you move down a track, spinning, flipping, jumping and flying as you go. You can shoot with your left-mouse button, but that is just to clear things out of your way that would otherwise slow you down. This game isn't a shooter, it's about the thrill of high speeds. It's exciting like a roller-coaster! Chromadrome 2 is definitely a game to check out :).

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